Stable Value

Prudential Retirement® is an established leader in the stable value marketplace. We have been meeting retirement saving challenges for over 40 years by delivering innovative stable value products that address the need for income and security. Our stable value solutions have performed well and delivered safety, liquidity and competitive returns through all economic cycles.

Expanding the Case for Stable Value

Expanding the Case for Stable Value: New Insights into What Drives Decision-Makers to Embrace Stable Value Funds

New research from Prudential sheds light on why some plan sponsors still haven’t added stable value funds to their investment line-up and provides a road map to greater consideration and adoption.


Stable value is the focus of this Asset TV Masterclass featuring James J. King, Jr., CFA, Managing Director and Client Portfolio Manager with Prudential Retirement's Strategic Relationship Group specializing in stable value. In this clip, Jim provides insight on a number of topics ranging from money market fund reform to the potential role of stable value as a fixed income component in target-date funds.